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Webdesign and programming

Big or small
We have professional programmers and webdesigners employed who can assist with anything from minor bug corrections on your current website to complete design or redesign of entire websites or programming of special systems. If your website reports some cryptic error and you are unable to figure out why, you can hire one of our programmers for as little as one hour to examine the problem, and in many cases he will be able to solve it for you in this time.

Flexible design
We work primarily with photoshop for graphic assignments. Programming is done in PHP and databases in MySQL. We are also able to solve problems in ASP but we are not nearly as skilled in this language. When we do complete website projects we usually base them on WordPress which is a simple, yet powerful and flexible CMS. That means that after we finish our part of the project you will be able to edit pages, upload images, edit menus and a lot of other things – all without any programming.

We work at a competitive fixed hourly rate, so the final cost will be different from job to job. Before we start a project we need a complete description of the demands for the final product, ie. a list of all the features that you want the website to have. Based on this list of demands we will estimate how many hours we need to complete the project, and provided that you agree to this estimate we will start programming.

Professional programmers

Our programmers are skilled and can solve most minor problems in just one hour. You can hire us for anything from the smallest assignment to large projects that stretch over months.

We offer

  • Website design.
  • Programming in PHP and MySQL.
  • Desktop-programming in C#.
  • Smallest possible project is just one hour.
  • We always agree on the price before starting a project, and we guarantee this price as long as there are no additional demands for the final product.
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