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Free installation of CMS

A hosting account with us is a perfect fit for your CMS, so of course it is both easy and free to install Wordpress or Joomla

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Free CMS installation

What is CMS?
CMS is short for Content Management System, or in more common terms: A system to create a website that does not involve any programming.

In short you simply get a username and password. When you log in to your backend you are able to edit your website, add pages, edit text, upload pictures, edit menus and so on – all directly in your browser. You can even change the entire layout of the website or switch to a different colour scheme with just a few clicks.

Safe, highly regarded systems
The CMS’s we offer are among the largest and most recognized on the market. They are developed under the open-source license, which means that anyone can contribute with improvements. They are free to download, free to use and are constantly being developed. Both WordPress and Joomla have existed for several years and are capable of creating very advanced websites.

If you ever decide to switch to a different webhosting provider in the future, you will be able to bring your website. That is possible simply because we use the most common systems… A website developed in one of these systems is not locked up in our specialized system as with many competitors.

As long as you keep your CMS fully updated it is well protected against hacker attacks. The many developers not only work on creating new functions and possibilities, but also on improving security.

More advantages
There are many advantages associated with using a CMS, the most important being that almost anyone can learn to use it. But it is also important to note that both Joomla and WordPress has built in functionality that makes the website faster to download and automatically optimizes it in regards to search engines – so called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You can always do more to reach the top of google’s result pages, but using meta-tags is a good starting point. And your CMS will automatically insert those for you.

Joomla or WordPress?
Joomla has always been a CMS. WordPress on the other hand started out as a pure blog-system, but has evolved to be much more than that. A few years ago the majority of our customers were using Joomla, but nowadays most have actually switched to Worpress.

The primary reason for this change of preference is probably that WordPress is simpler to use. After installing WordPress you have access to the most common functions and more can then be added through a massive library of plugins. A standard Joomla install on the other hand includes a long list of modules and functions you may never use, which can make it very difficult for beginners to get an overview and figure out how to create the first page.

There are also a number of things that simply work better in WordPress compared to Joomla. For instance, if you want to change the theme of your website all you need to do is enter a colour (or pretty much anything else you want) in the backend itself. You are then presented with a long list of themes you can install for free with just a few clicks. Likewise, if you need some new functionality you can search a large repository of plugins and install these with just a few clicks. Even updating the WordPress installation itself is done with a single click in the backen.

That being said Joomla does of course have it’s advantages. You can create very complicated websites, and it has built-in user level control and other advanced features. So if, for instance, you want to create a site with a membership area that part is already taken care of. All you need to do is figure out how to use it.

Our advice
To summarize, this is our advice: If you have previously worked with and are familiar with Joomla, you should probably choose that again. Otherwise, WordPress is the way to go as it is much simpler to get started with.

You can read a lot more about Joomla on
You can read a lot more about WordPress on

Easy website

All webhotels with Internet 123 come with the option of having a CMS installed free of charge. We currently offer the latest versions Wordpress and Joomla. You can install or reinstall the CMS of your choice at any time you choose with just a few clicks in my internet123.

Very flexible

  • You can edit your website online - no matter where you are.
  • It is easy, you edit pages almost as you edit documents in word.
  • Thousands of free plugins and themes.
  • Almost any functionality can be added through free plugins.
  • Bring your website easily if you decide to switch to another webhost.

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