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Joomla CMS Website

We create joomla for you when you order your hosting account – it is a free service.

Professional website with Joomla CMS

Once joomla is installed you can manage the content on your website yourself.

  • It is not necessary to have programming skills to create your website in Joomla
  • The system can be installed in Danish, English, Swedish or a number of other languages, so you can work in the language you feel most comfortable with
  • You can create an unlimited number of pages and they are easily editable – quite similar to the way you edit a word document
  • There are many themes for Joomla, both free and premium. So it is easy to create a website that looks professional.

Joomla is a good system for large amounts of content…

Joomla was the only right free and open-source system for professionals years back. However, joomlas market share has shrunk tremendously and has been overtaken by WordPress websites, which make up around ten times as many websites world wide compared to joomla websites. But Joomla has a longer history as a “real CMS”, and that heritage means that the system may still be the best choice in certain situations. If you have huge amounts of data to server, for instance thousands of pages organized into separate sections, then Joomla’s default functionality is probably more suited to handle them compared to the default functionality in a fresh wordpress install.

Joomla can adapt to your needs, but it is worth mentioning that there aren’t nearly as many themes and plugins available for joomla compared to wordpress. So it will be likely that you need to have special programming done if your site needs to do something special or look a specific way. At the same time it is typically more expensive to have special programming done for Joomla.

That is a few of the reasons we always recommend to choose a WordPress hosting account unless you already have previous experience building websites in Joomla! CMS. It is also significantly more difficult to learn to use joomla.

Joomla website hosting
– from DKK 8.75 per month incl. VAT (DKK 9.00 excl. VAT)

You get all of this on all website solutions with i123:

  • Free installation of newest Joomla CMS
  • A hosting account that is optimized to run a joomla website as well as possible
  • Free registration or transfer of .dk / .eu / .com or .net domain
  • A lot of security features that are specifically targeted at keeping your joomla website as secure as possible

On our PRO and VIP hosting accounts you also get:

  • Lightening fast SSD-diske, that ensure your website is running at optimum speed
  • Free SSL-certificate, so your website can run on the secure protocol https
  • Automated recreation from daily backups that you can use if something goes totally wrong
  • …and a lot of other benefits.

You can read more about our joomla hosting accounts here, or about the joomla system on

Joomla Website

You can have your new joomla website installed for free on all our solutions - but if you want a really fast website we recommend choosing PRO or VIP. Then your website will be running with...

  • lightening fast SSD-diske
  • free SSL-certificate
  • access to automated restore from daily backups
...and so much more.

On VIP solutions you also get extended support.

Joomla CMS

From DKK 8.75

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