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Joomla Webhotel – from DKK 8.75 per month incl. VAT (DKK 7.00 excl. VAT)

Joomla has been one of the largest players for years when it comes to choosing a CMS for a website. In contrast to WordPress, Joomla! has always been a “real CMS”… WordPress started out as a system targeted at bloggers, while Joomla was for more serious websites. You can still sense this heritage in the Joomla system, which in some respects still seem more professional and by default has better functions to manage very large amounts of data.

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Therefore, if you have a lot of content a Joomla hosting account may still be the correct choice, even though wordpress in many ways has evolved to be equally well suited for other websites than blogs – and without comparison is the largest / most used CMS today.

Our hosting solutions are primarily optimized for wordpress due to the extremely large adoptation, but since Joomla is a clear second we do make a large effort to make sure:

  • The hosting accounts have optimum settings for running Joomla
  • Our database-servers are optimized to run Joomla
  • We have several security measures on all hosting accounts specifically aimed at keeping your joomla website as secure as possible

Joomla can adapt to your needs, and it does not require programming to get started. But you should be aware that the learning curve is significantly steeper when starting out with Joomla as compared to WordPress. At the same time there aren’t nearly as many free plugins and themes for Joomla, and special programming will often be more expensive.

You can have joomla installed in Danish or English, both in regards to frontend and backend – and you can always switch language if you change your mind… joomla has a language module built in so users can switch language themselves if your site needs to work in more than one language.

When you buy your hosting account with us we will install joomla at no extra cost, so your website is ready to start editing.

Read more about Joomla website here, or about CMS systems here.

Joomla hosting

You can have joomla installed on all our hosting solutions, even our basic-solution which is cheap - actually among the cheapest on the Danish market.

Or order a PRO or VIP account, if you need a really fast website. They run on lightening fast SSD disks, so you get absolute optimum performance on your joomla hosting account.

Joomla CMS

From DKK 8.75

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