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Basic 1

(19,00 ex. VAT)

Basic 2

(7,00 ex. VAT)
After first year the price is 29,00 ex. VAT / mo.


Pro 1

(23,00 ex. VAT)
After first year the price is 49,00 ex. VAT / mo.

Pro 2

(99,00 ex. VAT)


(199,00 ex. VAT)

OrderOrder OrderOrderOrder
3GB on SSD10GB on NVME 50GB on NVME80GB on NVME
SSL inkluderet SSL inkluderet  SSL inkluderet SSL inkluderet
max. 220 / servermax. 220 / server max. 60 / servermax. 60 / server
Unlimited trafficUnlimited traffic Unlimited trafficUnlimited traffic
Unlimited domainsUnlimited domains Unlimited domainsUnlimited domains
System / technical details
Linux OS Linux OS  Linux OS Linux OS
256MB PHP memory512MB PHP memory 2.048MB PHP memory4.096MB PHP memory
80MB max upload80MB max upload 80MB max upload200MB max upload
1 MySQL database5 MySQL databases 10 MySQL databases25 MySQL databases
External MySQL access External MySQL access  External MySQL access External MySQL access
cron scripts cron scripts  cron scripts cron scripts
phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin  phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin
Large Control Panel Large Control Panel  Large Control Panel Large Control Panel
Joomla! Joomla!  Joomla! Joomla!
Wordpress Wordpress  Wordpress Wordpress
One-click-installer One-click-installer  Advanced One-click-installer Advanced One-click-installer
Unlimited Email Adresses Unlimited Email Adresses  Unlimited Email Adresses Unlimited Email Adresses
Webmail Webmail  Webmail Webmail
Virus- and Spamfilter Virus- and Spamfilter  Virus- and Spamfilter Virus- and Spamfilter
Auto-reply Auto-reply  Auto-reply Auto-reply
Forwarding Forwarding  Forwarding Forwarding
Unlimited Aliases Unlimited Aliases  Unlimited Aliases Unlimited Aliases
Catch-all alias Catch-all alias  Catch-all alias Catch-all alias
Support and Service
Mail Support Mail Support  Mail Support Mail Support
Phone Support Phone Support  Phone Support Phone Support
Alarm Phone Alarm Phone  Alarm Phone Alarm Phone
Extended Support Extended Support  Extended Support Extended Support
Security and backup
Weekly BackupWeekly Backup  Daily Backup Daily Backup
Automated Restore Automated Restore  Automated Restore Automated Restore
Assisted Restore Assisted Restore  Assisted Restore Assisted Restore
Order Basic 1Order Basic 2 Order Pro 1Order Pro 2Order VIP

Included Space

The included space is the physical amount of space your webhotel is assigned on the server. Server space is the deciding factor in how many emails, pages, pictures and so on you can store on the webserver.

A typical webpage (1 page) with graphics takes around 100-200kb. That means that a webhotel with 3GB of included disk space can contain more than 15000 pages. A single picture in full resolution typically takes around 2-3MB, so the same 3GB can contain around 1000 full-resolution pictures.

Disk type

Which type of harddisks are used has a large impact on the speed of your site. It depends on how your site is built how large the difference is, but NVMe is always fastest, then SSD and last HDD (which you won't find with us, but are still used by many competitors).

SSL certificate

A SSL certificate makes it possible to access your site securely, that is via the https protocol. This gives proves to your visitors that you care about security, and is especially important if you plan to run a webshop. On top of that it even improves your SEO-rank, so your site will receive a higher priority in google and other search engines.

Maximum number of customers per server

The maximum number of hosting accounts per server has a large impact on how stable the servers performance is, and how likely it is that your account will be affected by other customers sharing the server. A lot of our competitors put several thousand customers on each server, which obviously reduces performance for each individual account - especially at "peak hours", ie. at the busiest times of the day, when a lot of websites receive most of their visitors. The number of customers per server also has an impact on the likelyhood of the server getting bad reputation because some of the accounts may send spam. Finally the number of accounts may affect the time it takes to restore data on the server in case of a serious breakdown.

Unlimited traffic

Internet 123 offers free traffic, but with a fair use clause.

Normal traffic will normally be defined as 20 x the included disk space per month.

Unlimited Domain Alias

A domain alias is a domain that shows content from the same webhotel as the primary domain. Typically domain-aliases are used for showing the exact same website on multiple domains. For instance you might have the domain "" as your primary domain, and "" as an alias. Both domains would show the same website. Mail-accounts are also mirrored, so when you create an email address on the primary domain, this will also receive mail sent to the alias-domain.

Although it is technically possible to publish completely seperate websites from different domains on the same webhotel, we discourage our customers from attempting to do it. Firstly because it is rather complicated to set up, secondly because you run the risk of overloading the webhotel which in turn results in poor performance. Our terms do not prohibit this kind of setup, so feel free to try, just know that you are on your own in figuring out how.

Server Operating System

All our servers run on Linux operating systems - specifically CentOS. Linux is the most common operating system for webservers, and is the best choice for most modern CMSs. Linux provides a high degree of stability and a high level of optimization of physical resources.


PHP is the most widely used programming language for websites. Most web-programmers around the globe prefer developing websites in PHP. You whould also be aware that almost all open source (ie. free) CMS-, forum- and blog-systems depend on PHP to run.

You can choose freely between recent versions of PHP - at the time of writing we offer every version of PHP from 5.2 up to and including 8.3, but we do regularly add new versions, so if it is important to you to run a specific version of PHP please enquire for an up to date list.

PHP Memory

The size of PHP memory decides how much memory (RAM) is available to your webhotel. Most modern CMSs require at least 64MB to function, and a few even more. If you expect large volumes of visitors, or your site is very complex (for example a web-shop) it's a good idea to pick a solution with at least 256MB of memory, while most personal webpages and Blogs will work just fine with 128MB. If you program your website from scratch it is hard to say how much memory you will need.

Max upload-størrelse

This is the maximum size for file-uploads via your webpage. It's the deciding factor in how large files you'll be able to upload through the backend in CMS's, but it is also important if you plan to have any publicly available forms that allow people to attach files. There is no limit on FTP-upload filesize, and it does not affect file-downloads either.

MySQL Databases

MySQL is the most common database technology for websites. It is required for most CMS's, and it's the spine of nearly all dynamic websites. If you need several sections on your website, for instance a website made in wordpress and a forum in phpBB we recommend to use seperate databases; although it may not be strictly required, it does provide a better separation of independant systems, and can help to avoid unfortunate situations where one system affects the other.

External access to MySQL

With external access to MySQL you can access your databases from external servers.

You need external access if you want to run a database management application on your own local PC, or if you need access to information in the databases from a website that is hosted elsewhere.

Cron scripts

Cron scripts lets you execute tasks automatically at predetermined intervals / specific times. Some systems require cron jobs to complete certain tasks regularly - for example sending newsletters, automatically updating etc.


phpMyAdmin is a free and widely used opensource program for editing MySQL-databases. If you need to be able to edit your databases directly phpMyAdmin is a priceless tool.


FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol and is the most commonly used method of uploading files directly to your webhotel. If you use a CMS it is not necessary to use FTP to upload files, pictures and pages... That is all handled from the CMS backend.

Large control panel in English

Through our customerlogin you are able to control everything from e-mail to DNS-settings. You can pay your bills, order extra domains and other extra product. This is also where you'll find basic statistics for your website... In short, you can handle every aspect of your webhotel from one centralized panel.

And of course it is all available in English (or Danish if you prefer that)!

Free Joomla installation

When placing your order you are offered the option to have us install Joomla CMS for you free of charge. This is included in the price of any webhotel with Internet 123

We'll take care of all the technical stuff so you can get started with creating your website imidiately. You do not need to fiddle around with FTP-programs, zip files and installation packages asking all kinds of weird technical questions. You simply get a username and password, and you're ready to go. We can install Joomla in Danish or in English, with or without demo-data. By default we'll install the latest version, so if you want an older version, please note so in the comment.

You also have the option to install a fresh copy of Joomla! at any time through our customer login. Pro- and larger solutions come with an advanced one-click-installer that even lets you install a fresh Joomla in a subfolder - without affecting your current website.

Free Wordpress installation

When placing your order you are offered the option to have us install Wordpress CMS for you free of charge. This is included in the price of any webhotel with Internet 123

We'll take care of all the technical stuff so you can get started with creating your website imidiately. You do not need to fiddle around with FTP-programs, zip files and installation packages asking all kinds of weird technical questions. You simply get a username and password, and you're ready to go.

We can install Wordpress in Danish or in English, and we'll always install the latest version, fully updated and with the most common plugins preinstalled.

You also have the option to install a fresh copy of Wordpress at any time through our customer login. Pro- and larger solutions come with an advanced one-click-installer that even lets you install a fresh Wordpress in a subfolder - without affecting your current website.


You can easily install a fresh copy of Wordpress or Joomla at any time through our customer login. Pro- and larger solutions even come with an advanced one-click-installer that lets you install a fresh Wordpress or Joomla! in a subfolder - without affecting your current website.


ASP is short for Active Server Pages. It is Microsoft's language for dynamic websites. It is not nearly as common as PHP, and decreases further in popularity each year. It is relatively expensive to run windows-servers, which is a prerequisite to execute ASP in a satisfactory fashion, and it is a very large area of expertise that needs to be kept up to date to be able to offer these solutions to a very small group of customers. Therefore we have taken the consequence and completely stopped offering windows-based solutions.

Instead we focus on offering the best Linux-solutions on the Danish market.

Unlimited email accounts:

You can create as many e-mail addresses as you need on your domain(s) - only limited by the overall space limit of your solution.

Access to webmail

Using webmail you're able to check your mail from any internet-enabled computer. You can log on to your webmail either through your own domain or through customerlogin.


IMAP is an abbreviation of Internet Message Access Protocol, and is the default method used by webmail-clients to connect to the mail-server. Most major desktop-clients (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail etc.) are also able to use IMAP. When you use IMAP messages are not deleted from the server after retrieving them in your client. In other words, you should use this protocol if you need to retrieve your e-mail from multiple devices - fx. your PC, your tablet and your smartphone.


POP3 is short for Post Office Protocol version 3, and it is the default method used to fetch mail by most desktop-clients. If you use POP3 to retrieve your mail, it will automatically be deleted from the server immidiately after downloading it. That means you will not be able to see the message on a different computer. From a users point of view this is the main difference from IMAP.

Virus- and Spamfilter

All our solutions include free virus- and spam scanning of incoming e-mail. It is possible to deactivate and change certain settings through customerlogin to avoid marking legitimate email as spam.


With an auto-reply (or auto-responder) you can automatically send a reply back to the sender when you receive new mail. This could come in handy for example if you go on vacation. You could set up an auto-responder letting people know that you won't be able to answer their mail until you are back.

Auto-responders can increase the amount of spam you receive, because som spam-bots will assume someone is reading their messages if they receive a reply. Therefore, we recommend kepping the use of the auto-reply feature to a minimum.


Through customerlogin you can set up automatic forwarding of email to one or more of your other addresses. This is useful for example to collect email from several domains in a single inbox.

Mail aliases

It is possible to set up unlimited mail-aliases through customerlogin. By using this feature you can receive mails from several different e-mail addresses in a single inbox.

Catch-all alias

With a catch-all alias on your domain, all incoming mail will be delivered to that account, no matter which address they are sent to (unless it already exists as a seperate account). This makes it easy to receive mail on more than one account. In fact you can make up a new appropriate address each time you hand out your e-mail address.

However, using a catch-all alias may result in larger volumes of incoming spam, simply because many spam-bots will attempt to write to non-existing addresses at your domain. If you have catch-all enabled these messages will end up in your inbox.

Free e-mail / ticket system support

Free written support via mail, customerlogin or our public ticket-system is always included in all our solutions. We reply to all inquiries as fast as possible, and attempt to keep turn-around times below 24 hours.

You can contact us in regards to any type of problem, and in most cases we will help you overcome it or at least point you in the right direction. However, we do not offer support for setting up, programming and designing your site, or look for bugs in your code.

Free phone support

Anyone can call us, and of course we pick up the phone no matter who calls. However, customers with solutions that do not qualify for free phone support may be referred to our written support options.

24-hour alarm phone

Customers with Pro or larger solutions are given a phone number to use in case of serious server-faults. This number is always open and answered 24-7-365.

Extended support

If you pick a solution that includes extended support, we will be able to assist you in setting up your mail accounts, minor debugging, recreating from backup if your site has been hacked etc. Even with extended support there are limits to how much time we can spend on a single customer, but within reason we are able to help you with more or less any question or problem related to your webhotel.


All our servers use a so-called RAID-setup (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). We use a combination of striping (data is distributed among several disks) and mirroring (all data is stored on at least 2 seperate disks). This gives you the performance benefit of striping and the data-safety benefit of redundant mirroring. In other words:

1. Even if one of our harddisks were to fail completely, all data remains safe, as a copy is always kept on the mirrored disk. Only if two disks that are mirroring each other fails simultanously will we ever need our "real" backup.

2. Our disk-setup is incredible fast, which is a major advantage when it comes to both reading and writing data. This is noticable in our fast load-times when viewing pages hosted on our servers, even complicated database operations run relatively fast.

Automatic Backup

We back up all our servers at least once a day. In principle this backup is for our own sake in the case of a complete server failure. The daily backups ensure that no matter what happens, we will never have to roll back a website more than 24 hours.

In reality however, we have only once ever lost an entire server and had to recreate from the backup. On the other hand we regularly use these backups to restore a single website, either because the site has been hacked or because the owner or developer has accidentally deleted the entire database or made another major mistake.

Automated Restore from Server Backups

All customers have access to out automated backups, and are able to automatically restore their entire webhotel to how it looked on a given date. You can also create a "snapshot" any time you need to - which can be restored with a single click if needed. We store automatic backups for up to at least one year (unless you choose a shorter period), and manual backups until you manually delete them. Both automatic and manual snapshots can be downloaded if you prefer having an offline copy of your intire website.

Assistance Restoring from Server Backups

If you accidentally delete your entire site, or make some other major mistake that you want to undo, you can simply call us and we'll take care of restoring your entire site from a backup of your choosing.