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Comparison of server solutions


Server 1

(395,00 ex. VAT)

Server 2

(795,00 ex. VAT)

Server 3

(1.395,00 ex. VAT)

Server 4

(2.395,00 ex. VAT)

20GB server space80GB server space160GB server space
Unlimited trafficUnlimited trafficUnlimited traffic
Unlimited domainsUnlimited domainsUnlimited domains
System / technical details
Linux or Windows OS Linux or Windows OS Linux or Windows OS
0.5 CPU x 2.3 GHz2 CPU x 2.3 GHz4 CPU x 2.3 GHz
1.024MB server memory4GB server memory8GB server memory
Support and Service
Mail Support Mail Support Mail Support
Phone Support Phone Support Phone Support
Alarm Phone Alarm Phone Alarm Phone
Extended Support Extended Support Extended Support
Security and backup
Daily Backup Daily Backup Daily Backup
Automated Restore Automated Restore Automated Restore
Assisted Restore Assisted Restore Assisted Restore
Order Server 1Order Server 2Order Server 3Order Server 4

Included Space

The included space is the physical amount of space your webhotel is assigned on the server. Server space is the deciding factor in how many emails, pages, pictures and so on you can store on the webserver.

A typical webpage (1 page) with graphics takes around 100-200kb. That means that a webhotel with 3GB of included disk space can contain more than 15000 pages. A single picture in full resolution typically takes around 2-3MB, so the same 3GB can contain around 1000 full-resolution pictures.

Unlimited traffic

Internet 123 offers free traffic, but with a fair use clause.

Normal traffic will normally be defined as 20 x the included disk space per month.

Unlimited Domain Alias

A domain alias is a domain that shows content from the same webhotel as the primary domain. Typically domain-aliases are used for showing the exact same website on multiple domains. For instance you might have the domain "" as your primary domain, and "" as an alias. Both domains would show the same website. Mail-accounts are also mirrored, so when you create an email address on the primary domain, this will also receive mail sent to the alias-domain.

Although it is technically possible to publish completely seperate websites from different domains on the same webhotel, we discourage our customers from attempting to do it. Firstly because it is rather complicated to set up, secondly because you run the risk of overloading the webhotel which in turn results in poor performance. Our terms do not prohibit this kind of setup, so feel free to try, just know that you are on your own in figuring out how.

Server Operating System

If you order a managed server solution it will run on a Linux operating system - specifically CentOS. Linux is the most common operating system for webservers, and is the best choice for most modern CMSs. Linux provides a high degree of stability and a high level of optimization of physical resources.

If you need a different operating system you may need to manage your server on your own (ie. you need an unmanaged solution)... On unmanaged solutions you are free to do exactly as you want, including installing any software you want - however, you should be aware that most of the services we provide on all shared hosting accounts as well as managed server solutions are not possible for us to offer on unmanaged servers (contact us before ordering to hear more).

Number of CPU cores

The number of CPU cores is a very important factor in how fast the server performs.


PHP is the most widely used programming language for websites. Most web-programmers around the globe prefer developing websites in PHP. You whould also be aware that almost all open source (ie. free) CMS-, forum- and blog-systems depend on PHP to run.

You can choose freely between recent versions of PHP - at the time of writing we offer every version of PHP from 5.2 up to and including 8.3, but we do regularly add new versions, so if it is important to you to run a specific version of PHP please enquire for an up to date list.

Memory / RAM

The size of memory decides how much memory (RAM) is available to the server without swapping - if your system need to work with graphics it may be necessary to have a lot of RAM.

Free e-mail / ticket system support

Free written support via mail, customerlogin or our public ticket-system is always included in all our solutions. We reply to all inquiries as fast as possible, and attempt to keep turn-around times below 24 hours.

You can contact us in regards to any type of problem, and in most cases we will help you overcome it or at least point you in the right direction. However, we do not offer support for setting up, programming and designing your site, or look for bugs in your code.

Free phone support

Anyone can call us, and of course we pick up the phone no matter who calls. However, customers with solutions that do not qualify for free phone support may be referred to our written support options.

24-hour alarm phone

Customers with Pro or larger solutions are given a phone number to use in case of serious server-faults. This number is always open and answered 24-7-365.

Extended support

If you pick a solution that includes extended support, we will be able to assist you in setting up your mail accounts, minor debugging, recreating from backup if your site has been hacked etc. Even with extended support there are limits to how much time we can spend on a single customer, but within reason we are able to help you with more or less any question or problem related to your webhotel.


All our servers use a so-called RAID-setup (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). We use a combination of striping (data is distributed among several disks) and mirroring (all data is stored on at least 2 seperate disks). This gives you the performance benefit of striping and the data-safety benefit of redundant mirroring. In other words:

1. Even if one of our harddisks were to fail completely, all data remains safe, as a copy is always kept on the mirrored disk. Only if two disks that are mirroring each other fails simultanously will we ever need our "real" backup.

2. Our disk-setup is incredible fast, which is a major advantage when it comes to both reading and writing data. This is noticable in our fast load-times when viewing pages hosted on our servers, even complicated database operations run relatively fast.

Daily Server Backups

We back up all our servers at least once a day. In principle this backup is for our own sake in the case of a complete server failure. The daily backups ensure that no matter what happens, we will never have to roll back a website more than 24 hours.

In reality however, we have only once ever lost an entire server and had to recreate from the backup. On the other hand we regularly use these backups to restore a single website, either because the site has been hacked or because the owner or developer has accidentally deleted the entire database or made another major mistake.

Automated Restore from Server Backups

Customers with Basic2 or larger solutions have direct access to our daily backups through customerlogin. You can use this feature to browse all files that were on your webhotel on a given date. You can download the files and / or databases one by one, or you can roll back the entire website to a large selection of dates. Typically we have daily restore points 30-45 days back, and further back either monthly or bi-weekly.

Assistance Restoring from Server Backups

If you accidentally delete your entire site, or make some other major mistake that you want to undo, you can simply call us and we'll take care of restoring your entire site from a backup of your choosing.