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Basic webhotel

Dynamic website without hassle
If you want us to we will install CMS (Content Management System) for you free of charge. CMS’s are programs for making websites, installed directly on the website itself. You can choose between different content management systems when ordering and we can install them in either Danish or English.
-So it is easy for you to create your website, without any kind of programming. Read more about CMS here.

Stable and secure
All our webhotels include daily backup as well as the option to create and download your own complete backups.

We have fewer customers per server than our competitors, which means you get a faster website. It also means we rarely have any downtime at all and when a major incident does put a server offline it does not take long to get it back online.

Large customerlogin
We have a brand new customerlogin panel with access to all the functions you may need. This is where you handle everything from adding products to creating email addresses and paying invoices. We have collected everything in one simple and useful panel that we call customerlogin. It is designed to give you easy access to the most common functions, but even advanced tasks like setting up DNS for all your domains can be handled from customerlogin.

Windows or Linux
Although you might think it is easier to run your website form a windows server, because that is most likely the operating system on your own PC, the vast majority of websites actually run on linux-servers. We are able to offer windows webhosting, but discourage customers from choosing this option unless they are absolutely certain they need windows. If you plan to use a CMS or program your website yourself, the core will most likely be PHP and the database MySQL, both of which run significantly better on Linux.

One of the things we have to limit in order to offer stable hosting at such low prices is the support. This means that as a rule of thumb you only have access to written support as a Basic-customer. We do of course answer the phone if you call us, but you should expect to be referred to one of our guides or our ticket-system unless the problem is with the server itself. We also expect that Basic-customers are able to set up their e-mail client themselves, and we do not assist with programming, design or finding bugs on your website.

Cheap webhotel

Our Basic-solution is cheap, in fact it's among the cheapest on the market. In spite of the low price, we are still able to offer fast and stable servers, lots of space and traffic as well as free CMS installation, so it's easy to get started.

All inclusive

  • Webhotel with lots of space and traffic.
  • Free registration of your own domain.
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses (
  • Webmail so you can get your mail anywhere.
  • Database for dynamic webpages.
  • Max 220 customers per server.

From DKK 8.75

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