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About Internet 123

Personal service
We are a small company based in Kalundborg, Vestsjælland. We are a strong team of employees, each with our area of expertise. Being small guarantees that you will always receive individual and personal service from us – we are on a first name basis with a lot of customers.

Why pick us?
Even though our office is far from the buzz of the city, all our servers are placed centrally in Copenhagen, just one hop from the DIX (Danish Internet Exchange Point). The hosting centre has a super fast redundant 10Gbit connection. In other words our servers have a very low ping time, serving pages ultra fast and it is implausible for them to ever lose the connection completely.

Professional work
Even though we are small we can handle a lot because each of us is a specialist in our field. One is really good at solving server problems, one is an expert of programming and security, one an expert of hardware, and yet another in CMS’s etc… Our diverse background makes it possible to solve almost any challenge in cooperation.

Environmentally safe hosting
We want to leave an inhabitable planet for the next generations which is why we’ve taken several steps towards greener hosting. You can read more about our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment under green profile.